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Polar TV is part of Radio Polar who was founded on June 29, 1940. 960 AM gave rise to Radio Polar, with coverage in the Magallanes region and the Chilean-Argentine Southern Patagonia, becoming the oldest multimedia communication company in its field.

In 1997 Radio Polar airs simultaneously on FM. In 1999 he added an FM radio in P. Natales. In 2002 he gave life to his electronic newspaper and in 2004 to Polar TV. Finally adding the year 2005 Polar TV FM, on frequency 91.1. Since its early years, Polar has managed to interpret the Magellanic, both in their cultural, social, economic and political aspects in a significant way, thereby earning an undisputed respect and affection from all.

Bories #871 Piso 2, Punta Arenas - Chile
Punta Arenas | Magallanes
+56 61 224 1909
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